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Happy Dalit History Month and Happy Birthday Jotiba! 🥳🥳

Modeled on Black History Month, Dalit History Month was created by a collective of Dalit women in 2015 and is observed annually to commemorate the history, culture and art of the Dalit, Bahujan and Adivasi communities and the many To recognize the marvelous achievements of his people.

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follower of dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar celebrate it in April with artwork, storytelling, historical anecdotes and discussions. The month essentially pays homage to the origins, crusades, revolutionaries, memoirs, music, plays and oral histories of the community. With “Caste, Labor and Migration” As a theme for 2022, Dalit History Month is all the more relevant in this day and age. Here at BuzzFeed, we want to celebrate and shed light on just a few of these important facets of this celebration! For more information, see their officially Web pages.

When Govind Rao and Chimna Bai gave birth to a boy in 1827, little did they know that he would become India’s most prominent anti-caste social reformer, sparking a massive revolution in the country’s history. Jyotirao Phule (Jotirao) worked diligently to eradicate the Brahmanic structure of society. With his rebellious spirit, he refused to accept the class and varna system, regarding them as barricades for social advancement and a firm believer in egalitarianism.

The founder of the Satyashodhak Samaj (Society of Truth Seekers), Jotirao was essentially the first person to sow the seeds of equality and education for oppressed groups in India, especially women. In this mission he was greatly assisted by the legendary Savitribai Phule, also his wife. A visionary leader, an effective public speaker, and a man with a heart of gold, Jotirao was nothing short of a legend.

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However, here are five fascinating facts about this luminary that you probably don’t know:


When his wit was unprecedented.


When he was the coolest badass ever.


He was not the only one who broke Brahmanic hegemony.


And has given us luminaries to be immensely proud of.


When he became a symbol of dignity.

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