4 Cheapest Medical Schools in Europe for International Students

Everyone deserves the opportunity to study medicine if they want to. If you’re on a budget, consider the beautiful continent of Europe, home to many of the best universities in the world. You can even graduate from some institutions for free if you’re willing to learn the local language — and become fluent. If you want to study medicine in English, you will likely have to pay tuition fees.

Whatever you choose, studying medicine in Europe is cheaper than in the UK or the UK. And without compromising on quality. During college breaks, the wonders of this famous continent are just a short bus or train ride away. Imagine exploring the punk streets of Berlin, catching the Northern Lights and sampling the finest baked goods during the semester break.

The cheapest medical schools in Europe let you experience the best of Europe at an affordable price:

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Medical University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Get out with a Master’s degree in Medicine from Plovdiv Medical University and a professional qualification for doctors six years if you decide to study in this Bulgarian institution. Here you will train in pre-clinical and clinical subjects at one of the 29 Departments that the university has to offer – from Medical Biology to Endocrinology.

Yearly Tuition fees vary depending on the chosen medium of instruction — 7,000 euros (about 6,810 USD) if you are learning in Bulgarian and 8,000 euros (approx. USD 7,780) if you study English. Attention: the fees not included Accommodation, health insurance, textbooks and educational manuals.

Join this 1,721 Foreign medical students currently being trained at this internationally recognized educational and research center apply here.

cheapest medical schools in Europe

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University of Bari, Italy

In Bari – the capital of the southern Italian region of Puglia – you will find them University of Bari. The prestigious medical school offers an English curriculum called the Bari English Medical Curriculum (BEMC). This six years The medical degree is offered cheaply to both EU and non-EU students.

According to a former student of this program, tuition costs the same as other Italian medical schools. The public university fees 156 euros to 2,000 euros (about $151 to $1,945) per year depending on your financial circumstances – making it one of the cheapest medical schools in Europe.

Apply to study at the Medical Faculty of the University of Bari here.

cheapest medical schools in Europe

Before submitting this application, you might want to consider some of the cheapest medical schools in Europe first.
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Semmelweis University, Hungary

located in Budapest, Semmelweis University offers a six-year medical program taught entirely in English 4,700 Students – 55% of which come from abroad — every year.

in the 12 semestersMedical students spend time on theoretical modules, pre-clinical modules and clinical modules before completing an internship at university hospitals or accredited teaching hospitals. The tuition fees for medical studies are 16,300 euros (about $15,855) per year.

Find out more about what the Medical Faculty at Semmelweis University has to offer here.

cheapest medical schools in Europe

One of the cheapest medical schools in Europe is located in Prague. Source: Michal Cizek/AFP

Charles University, Czech Republic

Charles University has five faculties Medicine, three of them in Prague, one in Pilsen and one in Hradec Králové. Although these are all independent institutions with their own set tuition fees, all offer courses taught in English. General, all medical courses lasts six years and leads you to a master’s degree Doctor of General Medicine.

Annual tuition fee: 450,000 Czech crowns (about $17,795) per year second faculty in Prague will cost you about 390,000 CZK (about US$15,423), third and fourth faculties in Prague and Pilsen, respectively 350,000 CZK (approximately $13,855). Fees apply over on the Hradec Králové campus 310,000 CZK (approximately $12,272).

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